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The 7 Rising Tech Start-up CEOs in Bangladesh

The 7 Rising Tech Startup CEOs in Bangladesh

To stand out from the crowd, startups CEOs in Bangladesh are pushing their limits by launching innovative products, raising money or getting sales. They are also the talked about ones in town.

We have found some of the hottest rising startup  CEOs in Bangladesh that we think are worth to follow as role models. They hustle, they focus in their vertical, and they know where they want to be. We made the list based on our experience of meeting tons of people, conversations and how much buzz, sales, success and news they have been in as well. Most importantly these are people we believe can execute and make things happen, we would put our money and invest in them to get returns as they have proven that they can execute as well.

We picked tech companies that are early or growth stage with re-occurring sales and that is on it’s way to grow very quickly. We have only included those who are based in Bangladesh and in tech.

Did we miss a buzzy startup CEO? Let us know in the comments.

didar1. Didar Islam

Company: Solaric

A true visionary changing the way people consume electricity in rural areas where people aren’t connected to the grid. Solar power has been expanding but its’ use has been very limited due to the voltage conversion. He defied all odds and patented a technology that is revolutionizing the way people consume electricity from solar panels. Solaric optimizes 12 volt into 120 volt in a low cost effective way. Now rural consumers can charge their mobile phone, refrigerators, computers and more without hefty investments. The company has raised funding and is growing very rapidly with sales across Bangladesh and internationally as well.

riyad2. Riyad HusainCompany: Magnito Digital

Riyad Husain co-founded and steered Magnito to one of the fastest growing digital marketing company in Bangladesh. Starting in April 2013, he has lead the company to over 35 retainer clients in less than a year and half, with brand clients like Grameenphone, Symphony, Telenor, Marico and more. Starting with only 5 people, the company has grown to over 35 people. The success of the company has attracted the likes of NHK (Japanese National TV) to feature them. He is also one of the Google business group managers that won an award for being one of the best google business group all over the world. He has also participated in numerous startup community events including startupbash. He is now promoting digital marketing through digicafe for the community.

306469_10150280031371587_7747044_n3. Ashraf AbirCompay: MCC

MCC is one of the fastest growing and leading mobile apps company in Bangladesh. Serving over 60 clients, it is an award winning company for its ability to execute with finesse. He has have also been a leader in promoting app development throughout Bangladesh with organizing hackathons and bootcamps. He is also one of the directors at BASIS and is now looking to launch a consumer product this year in the local market.



sohag4. Mahmudul Hasan Sohag

Company: Rokomari.com

Rokomari.com is a Bangladeshi online shopping portal. Rokomari.com launched in January 19, 2012 as an online bookstore selling books all over Bangladesh. They have great sales over the past few years and is growing into other verticals. He is one of the pioneers in e-commerce as they have introduced online buying habits through book purchase similar to how both Amazon and flipkart started.



5. Sadequa Rahman Sejuti

Company: Amar Desh Amar Gram

She has redefined rural E-commerce and proved that with persistence a model can work. Typically E-commerce is focused city based, but what she has done by connecting rural products to urban consumers is game changing. With an academic background in architecture she left her professional career to focus on lifting people out of poverty through creating better market access. They have a wide range of products including fresh vegetables, organic fish and hand crafted items, head over to http://amardesheshop.com/ to see the full range.



bijon6. Bijon Islam

Company: LightCastle Partners

Quitting a 6 figure steady job in banking is never easy, but convincing parents is even harder. Having left Citi Bank NA, he co-founded Lightcastle Partners with 3 other friends, who also quit their day jobs to prove they can do something game changing that will help people make better decisions through market research and data analytics. Lightcastle Partners has been one of the fastest growing market research and data analytics company in Bangladesh with numerous clients both home and abroad. The company has grown out of a small office in elephant road and moved into The Wave with a team of over 15 people. They are recently launching Lightcastle Data, which will allow companies to get surveys done very quickly in real-time basis, and also introduce a data bank that will allow companies to get accurate updated data instantly on the economy.
10628376_10152885588465102_6284475789958304097_n7. Nazmul Ahmed (Najm)

Company: Ennovision

Najm has been a serial entrepreneur since age 14. His work in establishing Bangladesh Changemakers social network, running operations and branding for Experience Bangladesh, a US based company since his undergrad years at Dhaka University, working with cross disciplinary teams in the US, UK, Italy and Australia; and his eye and passion for design and photography, are now all part of his wide spectrum of business development & “ideation to execution” expertise that he brings to the table to run his cutting edge visual branding company Ennovision.  Ennovision has been expanding cross border with getting multiple clients on board in Bangladesh as well as America.

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